Willorna Dizon Mendiola-Lara

Willorna Mendiola, of Los Angeles, CA is a creative youth constructionist whose love of life, art, and music translates into the peace and unity felt by everyone she builds with.  Much of her work and art sessions have been inspired by nature’s beauty, female energy, time, community, earthbound undertones, as well as being USUI Certified Reiki Practitioner.

She has been teaching art workshops, private lessons, community creative events for over 10 years. She has also the experience of working directly with at-risk youth that needs safe creative spaces to explore more of themselves on the canvas. Willorna also has experience with working with communities that have limited to no creative resources. She is also well experienced with working with youth with behavior challenges, for example, autism, depression, ADHD, etc.

Willorna’s two-dimensional mixed media often implies a sense of peace and reflection.  This can be seen in the application of biomorphic shapes depicting the hierarchical relationship between the motherly figure and her child to the beauty of being a woman, to expressing the beauty and power of being a woman.  Moreover, the focal point is that the viewer can find some relativity and comfort in each art piece.

Though, all of her art is one-point perspective, this approach amplifies the emotive aspects of sharing quiet moments in a world where the daily rat-race can often drown out vital parental responsibilities.  Each painting’s conceptual balance is further unified by the limited use of colors that promote ‘reflection’ in blues and ‘tenderness’ in reds.  She has also been known to paint interior fresco seccos’.

Willorna Mendiola
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